A naturopathic root cause approach to health to optimise your female cycle for health and fertility, to thrive during pregnancy and to feel empowered post natally and beyond. 


Welcoming a new member into your family is a joyous but overwhelming occasion. It comes with a unique set of challenges. My post natal support services are designed to provide compassionate care and guidance during this precious time.

naturopathic health coaching

Providing personalised guidance for holistic well being no matter what the diagnosis or health concern is. Focusing on nutrition, stress management, lifestyle optimsation, habit stacking and finding the root cause of the health issue to learn best how to improve symptoms. 



Soy: Harmful or Healthy?

In recent years, soy has sparked significant debate among the health- conscious and nutrition experts. Some promote its numerous health benefits, while others raise concerns about its potential negative effects on health. So What's the truth? Is soy harmful or healthy? Lets delve into the science and separate fact from fiction. 

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Get ready to take control and find out answers for your suffering. I am here to empower and support you to optimise your health and improve your lifestyle to thrive. We will look at all aspects of health and lifestyle to tailor a personalised plan for your needs and goals. 

Meet your health coach


I am Sarah and my mission involves reshaping attitudes towards menstruation, educating women to dispel the stigma. I strive to empower women with the knowledge of how to optimise their cycles, emphasising this biological process as a fifth vital sign of health. 

My specialisation is:


Cycle health optimisation

Cycle health optimisation involves empowering individuals with knowledge and practices to enhance the well-being of their menstrual cycles. It includes understanding the physiological aspects, having an awareness of hormonal fluctuations, recognising cycles as vital signs of overall health and adopting lifestyle strategies to optimise and manage them effectively.  


I assist individuals in their journey towards optimal reproductive health by providing personalised guidance on lifestyle, nutritio, education and stress management for both partners to enhance fertility.

Pregnancy Health

I support expectant individuals by offering personalised guidance on nutrition, stress management, emotional support, planning the home for baby, accompanying to appointments, education and strategies to promote a healthy and positive pregnancy experience. I will empower the individual to make informed choices that contribute to both maternal and fetal well-being.

Post Natal Wellness

I provide support to new parents after childbirth, assisting with new born care, breastfeeding and emotional support. I help to ease the transition into parenthood by fostering a nurturing environment. My goal is to empower and guide parents, ensuring they feel confident and well - supported during the initial stages of caring for their newborn.  



I am here to help you upgrade your lifestyle, make a plan to achieve your goals and live happily ever her.  I take a holistic approach to health, taking into account your unique needs and circumstances by taking a deep dive into your health history to find the root cause of any health concerns.

So whether you are here to optimise your cycle, improve fertility, eat right for pregnancy, feel nourised post natally and beyond or even just want to get some answers to your health issues, I am here to support and guide you to better health and vitality.


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