About me

I am a qualified CNM Naturopathic Health Coach, Post Natal Doula and a volunteer for Homestart West Somerset. I am married to my wonderful husband, have 2 daughters and live in a little town called Watchet in Somerset. 



Back in 2017 after the birth of my second child, I was at the heaviest weight that I had ever been, struggling with the baby blues, exhausted, not sleeping well and with a caffeine rich, fast food diet. Suffering with a cascade of other symptoms too, such as fatigue, bloating, constipation, mould toxicity, heavy metal toxicity, Severe histamine intolerance, Anaemia, Dire cycle health and menstrual symptoms and a dysfunctional thyroid to name a few.....

After countless GP visits and not any answers other then to pop a pill for my symptoms,  I decided to try and find out the answers for myself. I signed up with slimming world and although I managed to lose some weight, the sweetened foods which I was advised to eat, left me with headaches and craving for more. I would fall off the wagon time and time again and I was stuck in a rut. Breastfeeding my daughter and awake most of the night, I felt it hard not to grab the sweetened food for the energy I needed. 


After having children, I have become beyond passionate about helping mothers with breastfeeding and supporting them post natally and so I took a post natal doula course with Conscious Birthing to qualify as a post natal doula. However as I have children myself and I am their primary carer,  I have found it difficult to always find the time that women really need post birth. Now that both of my children are at school, I have more time to help mums post natally. You will notice that I do not refer to myself as a doula. This is because I may be limited to the hours that I can work with women post natally due to the commitment of being a mum myself. I may not be able to support women in hospital straight after birth but I am available to support in the home. 

In March 2020 during lockdown, I came down with very severe hayfever (histamine intolerance) which affected my eye sight so badly that the only relief I could find was to put a wet flannel across my eyes and lie down. I felt horrendous, I was constantly sneezing, had headaches, could harldy see and wasnt really able to look after my children. It was miserable. The antihistamines that I took did nothing for me. I had the option to go on stronger tablets but something inside me knew that it wasnt the right thing to do. So I started researching, listening to podcasts and reading articles, and then I stumbled across Dr Becky Campbell and her work on Histamine Intolerance. From that very moment, I started exploring a new path, I ordered her book and started following a low histamine diet. Within 24 hours, the majority of my symptoms had vanished. How was it that eating an avocado, tomato and some sauerkraut caused my hayfever to be so severe? I thought that they were healthy foods. Those foods are healthy but they have high levels of histamine which is no good for someone who is suffering from hayfever.  This is where my passion for food as medicine began as I started to research further and then signed up to my health coaching course with The College Of Naturopathic Medicine. 

Through my education, I discovered that medication basically just masks symptoms and popping a pill or applying a steriod cream is not actually going to fix the problem. In naturopathic medicine, the goal is to find the root cause of the illness, minimise the symptoms and support the body's natural capacity to heal to ensure that illness is unlikely in the future. 

I discovered that those people that I had been asking for advice, had not had much training in the nutrition, vitamin and minerals that the human body so desperately needs and thrives on. 

I realised that my diet of low calorie, sweetened and transfat foods that were marketed as so healthy in the media were the worst things that I could eat and were actually exasperating my symptoms.  Finally, I realised that the skincare, room fragrance, toiletries and cleaning products that I used were toxic which contaminated my skin and environment, making me feel worse. 


Since making changes, I started getting energy back, alleviated alot of my symptoms and started shifting the weight (nearly 5 stone to date) . Although I still have a long way to go, I have become beyond passionate about health and wellness and love meeting, connecting and helping others.  


I am far along on my health journey, I still have lots of work to do but ever since I started to feel well again and learned the magic of naturopathic medicine, I knew that I would love to help others to heal too.

my mission

My mission is to support women through every phase of their feminine life cycles. I am dedicated to addressing the lack of education and challenging the stigma surrounding menstruation. By providing guidance, fostering awareness and promoting open conversations, I aim to empower women to embrace their natural cycles with confidence and vitality.