Post Natal SUPPORT

Congratulations on this exciting journey of parenthood. I understand that this time can be both wonderful and challenging. That is why I am here to offer a home help and post-natal personal assistant service to make your transition into parenthood as smooth as possible.

A post-natal personal assistant provides physical, emotional and informational support to new parents in the weeks before and following child birth.

How can I support you?:

  • Emotional support: offering a listening ear, empathy, and reassurance to help parents cope with the emotional challenges that can arise during and after childbirth.
  • A debrief of your birth experience and if you wish, help with documenting your birth story memories.
  • Light housework
  • Preparation of nutritious meals
  • Helping with baby to ease the transition into parenthood.
  • Breastfeeding support: providing guidance on breastfeeding and addressing any concerns or difficulties.
  • Post natal recovery: helping mothers with their physical recovery by offering advice on self care and addressing any concerns about healing.
  • Information and resources: supplying parents with evidence based information and resources related to post natal and infant care.
  • Providing wellness and lifestyle advice and support
  • Encouragement: offering encouragement and validation for new parents, helping them to build their confidence in caring for their baby.
  • Respite care – allowing parents to rest by caring for the baby for a few hours, helping them to get some much – needed sleep or relaxation.
  • Resources and referrals – connecting parents with local resources, such as support groups, lactation consultants or other professionals when needed.
  • Help with setting up the home space before baby arrives
  • Support and an extra pair of hands for the parent when their partner goes back to work.
  • Running those important errands that you just don’t have enough time to do
  • Accompanying and transporting to appointments if needed.
  • Alternative therapies such as yoni steaming, herbal and aromatherapy Epson salt baths and castor oil packs
  • Mental health support, a listening and non judgemental ear. Space to just be…
  • Wheel of life – help mums with setting goals and working towards future





Fuel costs for errands and appointments                         55p per mile

Post natal support

All post natal support packages include a free 90 minute planning meeting to talk through all your support needs during our time together.

1 hour                                                                                      £30    

10 hours                                                                                  £270 (£27 per hour)          

20 hours                                                                                 £520 (£26 per hour)          

30 hours                                                                                 £750 (£25 per hour)

40 hours                                                                                 £960 (£24 per hour)


A deposit of 50% is needed to secure your dates.